Type: Self-initiated
Year: 2014–
Materials: Veneer core plywood, white oak veneer

A series of occasional tables with integrated storage. Currently in development for Part & Whole.


Type: Self-initiated
Year: 2014–
Materials: Steel, Ash

Layers is a modular storage system. Currently in development for Part & Whole.


Type: Collaboration
Year: 2012
Materials: Walnut, Maple, ApplePly, Aluminum

Evolution is the product of a year long collaboration with First Nations artist Dylan Thomas (Qwul’thilum). The table represents a lamination of technology, craft and tradition, and an exploration in creating a truly contemporary cross cultural artifact.


Type: Commission
Year: 2011
Materials: Laser Cut Titanium

For this jewellery project, the archetypal diamond was abstracted and two fundamental qualities were ultimately distilled:

1. Every diamond is inherently unique.
2. A diamonds beauty emerges not through its form, but through its forms ability to reflect light.

Parametric design and digital fabrication were chosen as the means to feasibly manufacture an infinitely variable yet identifiably homogenous collection of shapes.

The forms were generated using a definition written for Grasshopper, a parametric modelling plugin for the 3D modelling program Rhinoceros. The linework generated in grasshopper was then exported and used to laser etch and cut each unique shape from titanium sheet. Then, in a final step of manual craft, each of the pieces is pleated by hand along the laser etched score lines.


Type: Academic
Year: 2008
Materials: Non-Woven Textile, Adhesives

Crease is the result of a materials based research project investigating new methodologies for ‘flat pack’ lighting fabrication. The lamps performative characteristics emerged from extensive material and adhesive experimentation. Synthetic non-woven textile strips are laminated over an inflatable formwork using a water based adhesive slurry. The lamp is then shipped flat to the consumer and ‘inflated’ on site, with each cycle of compression and expansion embedding its record into the patina of the end product.


Type: Academic
Year: 2008
Materials: Aluminum, Cork